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Tyler J. Oakley has ten years of experience providing young students with avenues through which to develop appreciation, passion, and technical skills in the arts.

He has taught dance, theatre, creative writing, improv, and social/emotional learning to students grades pre-K to 8th, including special needs and Spanish speaking students.  His work has been sought after in all educational environments, including in-school residencies, after-school programs, summer camps, workshops, and private classes.

Tyler has choreographed and directed children's productions, as well as worked collaboratively with elementary school teachers to design lesson plans adhering to their state and grade level's visual/performing arts content standards.


His behavior-management and communication skills have been honed through working in a wide variety of neighborhoods, cultures, and income levels.


Tyler approaches the teaching of arts through experimental, play-based learning, emphasizing process over product. His classes aim to foster an environment conducive to experimentation and mistakes, using games as a way to hone technique and expand comfort zones.

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